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Best Female Jazz Solo Artist

2004 New York International Independent Music Festival


Best Folk/Singer-Songwriter Album

2008 Independent Music Awards, Popular Vote


"...Born with the gift of a passionate and engaging voice, Julia has learned to use her gift as she does not just sing for her audience, she sings to her audience...her songs and her arrangements...are to the point and are packed with emotion and feeling...After giving Hush a spin you will realize, as so many are realizing, that this excellent debut release is just the beginning..."

— Edward F. Nesta, Luxury Experience Magazine



"The voice of the 21st century!"

— Sid Bernstein, Legendary Impresario



"It was a little early in the night for 18 year old Single Malt Scotch– but that was the alcohol equivalent feeling of warmth, depth and complexity I was getting from her singing. Her voice is always the bomb."

— Paul HeckProducer, Red Hot Records



"New York City is a town with heaps of virtually indistinguishable female singer-songwriters. Now comes Julia Joseph, unique in approach with a voice and songs fresh as an early-spring morning. Magnetic and intelligent - your attention to this CD is recommended. Catch her live to seal the deal."

—Jeff EyrichProducer, Bepop Records


"In a world of too much talent, you will be blown away byJulia Joseph. The first time I heard her sing, I simply could not believe the richness and maturity of her voice and the sophistication of her delivery. It contains traces of her heros – Nina Simone, Phoebe Snow, Janis Joplin – but it's more than that. Julia was born with a musical gift beyond the scope of what most of us will ever develop. Not just a kick-ass voice, but deep musicality with a sense of joy and beauty."

— Tylan Greenstein, Girlyman, Mouth of Babes




"Julia Joseph is not just another singer/songwriter. Her songs are lyrical and fresh, her melodies diverse and memorable; they provide the perfect showcase for her beautifully cut, multi-faceted, 5 carat diamond voice. It's been many years since I've been this impressed by a new talent."

— Karen Finkenberg, The Eclectic Cafe



“...An imaginative guitarist and powerhouse singer, her set managed to balance delicate introspection with the raw energy of solid blues and soul. ‘A voice that could awaken the dead and lull the living to sleep,’ I was thinking, as I looked behind me and realized there was not an inch of space left in the room. People sitting on the floor, standing in the back, piling in from the bar. Mesmerized. Transfixed. Converted. Watch out. Your town could be next...”

— M. Neala ByrneEdge/NY Propaganda



"I want you to know how amazing "Hush" is. It blows me away each time I hear it. "Trouble" inspires me every single time I listen to it, which is often, especially when I'm having a bad day or have hit a rough spot. You are an extremely talented songwriter and singer. Your words are so right on. I can totally relate to pretty much everything you sing about. And your voice is so strong and rich."

— Meredith Mannino (The Westfield Leader)



"This show swallowed me like a dream. The compositions, arrangements, playing, and raport w/the audience took me straight to the top floor. Soul, jazz, pop, latin, bossa nova, blues, rock and country were lovingly employed. The female, three part harmonies added as much as a horn section. Extra cred for a Solomon Burke cover. She should be all over FUV."–Ron

"Hush is the first album in a very long time that I've wanted to listen to over and over again...It's really tight and sweet and just plain beautiful. The songs, the melodies, and jazzy rhythms are so nice...And I love the way you use the range you have, high and sweet and low and sultry, just so cool, mesmerizing. I think you're on top already no matter what happens."

— Steve Ladner, Fan

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