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"Julia Joseph is one of the finest performers of song out there today. She lets you know in every note that soul, swing, heart and intelligence can never go out of style.


Julia conveys a vast range of emotion with her voice, not only in her own very strong material but also in the many songs from many different genre that she works into her repertoire. Though Julia has very strongly formed roots in classic soul, jazz, latin and rhythm and blues, her music is timeless. It allows you to leave your contemporary moment and float in it's world. In Julia's world, dreams come alive and the human heart speaks clearly for all.


I love the way Julia performs a song. She closes her eyes and lets the feeling pour out from her heart into each note. She savors each word that she delivers. She dances to every beat. There's a fearlessness about Julia that's totally inspirational. She lets herself really feel the joy, the heartache and the perplexity of every moment she lives in song."

— Milton

Julia Joseph is a singer, songwriter, arranger and performer based in New York City. Her work is very ecclectic, the common thread being her distinct, warm alto and her total commitment to anything she does. She sings with her soul, she lights up the room, she tells a story and she keeps her audience entranced.


Having been compared to Phoebe Snow, Joni Mitchell and Karen Carpenter, Julia's writing incorporates jazz, folk, blues and gospel elements with rich vocal harmonies and intelligent, heart-felt lyrics that explore universal sentiments.


A pro on stage and in the studio, Julia's voice can be heard on the NBC hit show, 30Rock and in the infamous, NYC based Loser's Lounge. She recently participated in the recording and live performance of Red Hot + Arthur Russell. She is also a core member of a private event and party band The Loyales*.


Julia's debut album, Hush, won the 2008 Independent Music Award's popular vote for Best Folk/Singer-Songwriter Album; a debut complimented by her inspired and well-honed live act.


*For more info on Julia's session and collaborative work, please visit the VOXBOX.

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